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New ERA-EDTA Codes for Primary Renal Disease

Dear Colleagues,
It is our pleasure to announce that the European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Registry has developed a new coding system for primary renal disease (PRD). This new comprehensive list of codes for kidney disorders replaces the former one which was almost forty years old and which, according to current medical and coding standards, was incomplete and inflexible.
Nephrologists in Europe will be able to use this new coding scheme to record kidney disorders accurately in their patient’s electronic medical records and in their national renal registries which are affiliated to the ERA-EDTA Registry.
Including 273 different codes, the new system provides far more detail than the former one, making it possible to assign specific codes to the many patients who are suffering from a rare disease and to those who need dialysis or a kidney transplant. This will allow case-finding of patients with rare diseases and development of research projects aiming to improve of quality of care.
Another important advantage of the new coding system is that it maps the ERA-EDTA Registry PRD codes to related terms in well established international coding standards like ICD-10 and SNOMED - Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT; for more information Opens external link in new window
The new coding system, a sophisticated search tool, user notes and the associated SNOMED CT, ICD-10 and old ERA-EDTA Registry codes are freely available at Opens external link in new
The ERA-EDTA Registry will accept patient data using the new PRDs from its contributing registries as collected from January 2012. It will continue to accept data using the old PRDs for some time and it will announce two years before the date on which it will no longer be able to accept data using the old PRD coding system.
Best regards,
Dr. Keith Simpson
Chair ERA-EDTA Registry
Coding and Definitions Working Group, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Prof. Raymond Vanholder
ERA-EDTA President
University of Ghent, Belgium    
Dr. Kitty Jager
Director ERA-EDTA Registry
Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Prof. Christoph Wanner
Chair ERA-EDTA Registry
University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany
The Members of the ERA-EDTA Registry Coding & Definitions Working Group who developed the new coding system are kindly acknowledged
Keith Simpson (Chair)
Gopalakrishnan Venkat-Raman
Charles Tomson
Yongsheng Gao
Ronald Cornet
Benedicte Stengel
Carola Gronhagen-Riska
Chris Reid
Christian Jacquelinet
Elke Schaeffner
Els Boeschoten
Francesco Casino
Frederic Collart
Johan De Meester
Oscar Zurriaga
Reinhard Kramar
Kitty Jager

The related open access paper has been published online by NDT on November 22, 2012.